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Man-down alarm lone worker protection

Automatic 110+ dB accident alarm suitable for lone workers.


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  • Activates after 4 minutes of immobility
  • Lightweight and compact with belt attachment
  • Ideal for lone workers in warehouses and building sites

Designed for building sites, warehouses or other workplaces in which individuals may be working alone, the man-down alarm is designed to sound a loud, attention-grabbing alarm in the event of an accident. The alarm can be clipped to a belt and works by monitoring the movement of those wearing it. When the device detects immobility for four minutes or longer it activates, and fully sounds the ear-piercing 110+ dB alarm one minute later to attract the attention of individuals nearby. It is a brilliant safety alarm for individuals who frequently work remotely, or without coworkers in the nearby vicinity to offer help in the event of an accident.

In order for the man-down alarm to be comfortable and easy to use, it has been built from lightweight ABS plastic and is just 10cm tall 3.5cm wide. It can easily clip onto a belt and the solid black colour and simple design make it an inconspicuous addition to any work uniform. The small size also allows it to be stored in a pocket, toolkit or bag when the user is travelling to and from the work site should they not wish to wear it at all times.

Working alone in building sites or warehouses is always more dangerous than working in a group, since the risk of trips, falls or accidents is high in these types of environments. Potential injuries can be made much worse if there are no colleagues around to provide the appropriate medical support in the event of an accident. The man-down alarm can give lone workers peace of mind that they will be quickly discovered in the event of accident, even if they are knocked unconscious and unable to call for help themselves. It should certainly be an essential site safety item for individuals who regularly work alone.

Additional Information

Application Ideal for lone workers to attract attention after an accident
Colour(s) Black
Description Alarm that activates after a period of worker inactivity
Fixing Belt Clip
Material ABS
Size (H x W x D) 100 x 55 x 35 mm
Specifications / Characteristics 110+dB
Supplied in Single

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