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Mains Supply Power Cable for 3kW Fan Heaters

Power fan heaters safely and efficiently with this high-quality cable


£51.50 ex. VAT ( £61.80 inc. VAT)
  • 2.5 metres in length for easy movement
  • Simple to use
  • Durable, high-quality construction

With a fan heater, warming up rooms can be done extremely quickly, as they blow out large amounts of heat to reach far beyond the unit itself. To power your three-kilowatt heater, this simple mains lead provides a tough, high-quality source of electricity direct from the wall supply.

The cable is 2.5 metres long, which gives you a lot of freedom when the heater is plugged in. You can move it around freely and place it wherever it will be most useful, without too much restriction caused by the need to plug it in. Simply plug one end into the heater and the other into your power supply and your heater is ready to go, warming up the room in no time.

If this cable isn't suitable for your particular heater, we also stock a version that's designed for use with 15-kilowatt heaters.

Additional Information

Amperage 16 A
Description Mains Connector for 16amp Heater
Length 2.5 m
Supplied in Single
Voltage 400 V

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