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Magnetic wipeable location markers

Wipe-clean location markers in a range of sizes


From: £26.75 ex. VAT ( £32.10 inc. VAT)
  • Display temporary location information
  • Wipe clean and re-write
  • Available in a range of sizes

If you are working out of a temporary location, are adjusting the layout of your warehouse or simply have a business in which changes are frequent and must be adapted to, information should be displayed clearly and correctly, so as to avoid any confusion. The location of storage space may need to change frequently, or certain areas may need to be marked out for people or stock which may not be permanent. With SafetyShop's magnetic location markers, you can quickly and efficiently mark out an area for whichever purpose, and rewrite information with similar ease.

Available in sizes ranging from 20x80mm to 90x210mm, these items allow you to write any required information with a suitable pen, and change it by simply rubbing off the information and rewriting it. The range of sizes allow you to tailor the markers to the needs of your space or business, allowing for clear, visible signage that is reusable and environmentally friendly, without losing any of its durability. The markers are easy for all to see and can be applied to any flat, magnetic surface.

Used in conjunction with our inventory tags and labels and other warehouse equipment, these magnetic location markers allow you to run an efficient warehouse or business with minimal cost and effort. Clear signage is vital to the smooth running of any business, and unclear messages and instructions can result in serious mistakes. Make sure that your staff, customers or visitors are kept well informed of any important information with magnetic location markers.

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