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Colour-Coded Lids for the Magic Line Mobile Waste Sack Holder Trolley

Keep your Magic Line sack holder hygienic, and colour-code the sections


£16.99 ex. VAT ( £20.39 inc. VAT)
  • Designed to fit perfectly on the Magic Line sack holder
  • Covers the waste to prevent odours and keep the area hygienic
  • Different colours help with efficient waste sorting

The Magic Line mobile sack holder is a great way to efficiently sort and store waste while performing cleaning duties or other maintenance. It's easy to move, provides two sections for holding sacks, and makes the process faster and more convenient.

With these lids, you can increase the hygiene levels of the sack holder while simultaneously adding a colour-coding element. The lids fit perfectly on the Magic Line sack holder, and once in place, they cover the tops of the sacks to keep the contents sealed. This prevents bad odours from food and other unpleasant waste and helps keep the trolley and its surroundings hygienic.

In addition to covering the waste, the lids come in two different colours, so you can colour-code the two types of waste. This makes sorting and disposing of waste types much quicker.

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