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Steel Coated Louvred Panels

A cost-effective option to generate additional wall storage.


From: £20.75 ex. VAT ( £24.90 inc. VAT)
  • A tough, durable panel that can be fastened to most wall surfaces, as well as benches and racks
  • The panels can be paired with a range of differently sized containers
  • Epoxy coated steel

You can never have too much storage, which is why these useful louvred panels are always in demand. Suitable for offices, factories, retail facilities, garages or anywhere that might have bits and pieces that need to be tidily stashed, these panels combine a stylish appearance with exceptional performance. Once in place, the size and colour of the storage containers that slot into the grooves on these panels can be varied to suit individual requirements. As storage needs change, the containers can be replaced with ones of different dimensions to ensure the panel always provides an appropriate solution.

The louvred panels we provide are made to an exceptionally high standard and built to last. Once affixed to a suitable surface, they are very sturdy and are capable of bearing a significant weight without buckling or bending. Resistant to wear and tear, these items just keep going! They form a colourful and useful addition to any set of storage facilities.

To complement the panels, we also stock a selection of other storage solutions which can help ensure your organisation has a place for everything! The storage can be tailored to your individual requirements, room size, volume of goods to be stored and the type of materials that need to be housed. From economy shelving for the cost conscious company through to specialist storage such as school lockers and secure cabinets, you can depend on us to offer the products you need to meet your storage needs, no matter how large or complex they might be.

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