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Outdoor Long Shackle Padlocks

Secure long shackle padlocks for outdoor use.


From: £17.99 ex. VAT ( £21.59 inc. VAT)
  • Extra long shackles for awkward and bulky positions
  • Weatherproof and durable for lasting security
  • Keys available for multiple locks or unique to one

Outdoor security often means making the most of the space you have available - including locking up valuable items in awkward and tight areas. Using long shackled padlocks can help you protect the most awkward of sites, including reaching through railings and securing handles or catches on outdoor machinery. Not everything that needs locking has a convenient small catch for slipping a padlock through - but long shackle padlocks can do the job where standard padlocks cannot.

These long shackle padlocks have been designed to fit around bulky catches and clasps, and to lock through gates or railings. They are also ideal for bicycle security, locking up tool boxes and keeping industrial storage areas secure. With a huge 63mm shackle and a compact body, the long shackle padlock is just as lightweight as its counterparts but can fit in the most awkward of areas.

All padlocks can be keyed alike or keyed differently, depending on preference. Have a unique key for your lock for maximum security, or give employees access with multiple keys to the same lock - or even install multiple locks that open with a singular key! The range of choice means you can pick a security option that works best for you and your business. All locks are sold with a spare key as standard, and extras can be ordered alongside your new padlocks.

We know how important security is to you, so we only offer the highest quality locks and security devices. Our security range includes everything from combination locks to high tech combination door locks.

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8 years ago

Service: The operator had informed me that all parts were available, in fact i had 3 different deliveries over a period of several weeks. I had to ring up each week to find out where the equipment was. Further time wasted.Our response:

Product: Good

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