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Lockout Hasp Kit Team to Protect Against Accidents

Ensure all work on machinery is done safely with the lockout hasp kit team


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  • Use for multiple electrical lockout situations
  • Secure isolator switches and levers
  • Helps you comply with health and safety regulations

Different kits are available for all sizes of lockout team. They include differently-keyed padlocks, each supplied with two unique keys and two durable plastic carrying cases that are ideal for harsh working environments. The team kit contains 12 x pin-out standard circuit breakers; 10 x differently-keyed, short shackle, 17 mm padlocks; a non-conductive nylon lockout hasp; one A/C volt sensor; 100 x lockout safety tags with nylon ties; 20 x safety management tag system holders; 40 x equipment inspection safety record tags; 40 "safe to use" and "do not use" safety management tags; 5 x lockout guides; and 10 x "Locking Off" training booklets. The kits come in four sizes: CBK026D Small, CBK023D Starter, CBK029D Large and CBK033D Team.

We also stock empty lockout stations manufactured from double-moulded polystyrene, with metal or plastic hanging hooks for lock-out hasps, padlocks and tags.

Additional Information

Brand Brady
Description Team Kit
Kit Contains Kit Contents:
12 x Pin Out Standard Circuit Breaker
1 x Non -Conductive Nylon Lockout Hasp
10 x Keyed Differently Short Shackle (17mm) Padlock
100 x Lockout Safety Tag with Nylon Tie
20 x Safety Management Tag System Holder
40 x Safe To Use/Do Not Use Safety Management Tag
40 x Equipment Inspection Record Safety Management Tag
5 x Lockout Pocket Guide
10 x 'Locking Off' Training Booklet
Material Plastic case
Specifications / Characteristics Differently keyed padlocks with 2 unique keys
1 large & 1 small carrying case
Supplied in Single Kit

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