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Easy-to-use, lockable snap frames

Easy to open, Allen-key lockable snap frame

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From: £29.99 ex. VAT ( £35.99 inc. VAT)
  • Protects contents from tampering
  • Anti-glare acrylic cover
  • Available in four sizes

If you have any notices or instructions that may fall victim to tampering or vandalism due to their location or audience, it is important that the message provided remains safe, clear and visible. If the message is in an outdoor or public position, or may be unpopular with those who may read it, then the item may be tampered with, and the intended audience may not receive the information that is aimed for them. Whatever the reason for doing so, our lockable snap frames provide an easy, safe solution deterring people from tampering with your printed materials.

The easy to open item is provided with an Allen key for authorised use only, and its water resistant frame and anti-glare acrylic cover are perfect for outdoor use, withstanding any extreme of weather. Available in four sizes ranging from standard A1 size to standard A4, and easily mountable in either portrait or landscape position, it can be adapted to suit the needs of any message or any business.

Along with our health and safety posters and display and presentation options, you can ensure that important messages are kept in place, visible and free of tampering, so those who need to see the given message are able to. Clear, direct signage is of the utmost importance to the smooth running of your business, and allows for a safe working environment on the whole, so don't let any instructions or important information fall victim to theft or vandalism. Whether the information is for staff, customers, visitors or the wider community, make sure that it is kept safe with lockable snap frames.

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