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Tough Polystyrene Electrical and Pneumatic Lockout Box

A simple but versatile and effective box for your lockout operation


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  • Can be used with up to four padlocks
  • Coloured red for increased visibility
  • Strong, durable construction

Lockout procedures are a highly effective way for you to put dangerous equipment in a safe, idle state. There are various reasons you might want to do this, such as performing maintenance or repairs safely or ensuring unauthorised personnel don't use the machinery without proper training. Locking out doesn't have to mean expensive, complex equipment, and this simple lockout box does an effective job of keeping machinery off when you need it to be.

The box is suitable for use with electrical or pneumatic equipment, working with a range of different plug types and sizes, and also fitting male air hose connectors. Once locked, the box prevents access to the plugs and prevents equipment from being powered. A clear 'do not plug in' message is displayed on the highly visible red box.

For extra safety, the box can be locked with up to four padlocks, so you can ensure it can't be opened without multiple people present.

We stock a range of lockout and tagout equipment for operations of all sizes.

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