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Large drum spill kits for chemical, maintenance and oil spills

Comprehensive kit for dealing with large to medium spills.


From: £501.00 ex. VAT ( £601.20 inc. VAT)
  • Contains all essentials for dealing with spills from 210 litre drums
  • Water and chemical-resistant drum protects sorbents from dirt, moisture and damage
  • Drum can be used as shipping container for used sorbents

This comprehensive drum spill kit contains everything needed to deal with large to medium spills, making it the perfect kit for organisations which regularly deal with 210 litre drums. Included in the kit are 50 pads, 8 pillows, 4 socks, a pair of gloves, a pair of glasses and 5 disposable bags - everything needed to deal with a large spill safely.

There are three types of spill kit to choose from; chemical, which is for hazardous or aggressive materials, maintenance, which is suitable for oil, water-based liquids and chemicals, and oil-only, which is for oil and petroleum based liquids. The type of sorbents included in the kit differs with each type of kit to ensure different types of liquids can be contained properly.

The sorbents in each type of kit are supplied in a large water and chemical-resistant drum which has a lever-lock lid. This ensures that the sorbents are protected against dirt, moisture and damage so that they don't deteriorate with age and remain just as effective no matter when they are required. The lever-lock lid allows for easy access in emergency situations, whilst ensuring a strong, reliable seal when closed. This is important if the drum is then used as a shipping container to dispose of used sorbents.

Spill control is an important factor for any workplace that deals with harsh materials regularly, but note that this particular spills kit is best suited for those which deal with large volumes of hazardous liquids. For businesses that only deal with small quantities of liquids, a small disposable spill kit is a more suitable alternative.

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