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Photographic Ladder Safety Information Poster in Various Sizes and Materials

Increase ladder safety by encouraging staff to act responsibly

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)
  • Photographs included in the design help people to understand the message
  • Includes a space to add the contact details of a person with more information
  • Simple and easy to follow for the latest safety information

There's no doubt that a ladder can be an extremely dangerous piece of equipment if it's not used correctly. To make sure they're being used as safely as possible, there needs to be a joint effort between the employer and the employees, and information sharing is one of the most important factors in this. This poster lets you convey safety advice to staff who use ladders, and it's designed to be not only informative but easy to understand and eye-catching.

The poster is available in three different materials, and the one you choose is up to you. All of them are used because they're more durable than ordinary paper, so they can withstand people brushing past them on a daily basis without becoming tattered or torn. This lets you fix them to walls in busy areas without worrying about replacing them all the time, and they're more likely to be seen by people passing by. They make an excellent part of a comprehensive health and safety information centre, with other posters like our personal protective equipment notice.

Because of the potential danger of ladders, it's important that they're checked regularly for any problems that may put people at risk when they use them. The Scafftag Laddertag system makes the job easier and helps people to recognise any problems immediately before starting work with a ladder. Once you've signified that a ladder is safe to use, the information contained in this poster makes sure people know how to proceed properly to stop themselves from falling and becoming injured.

The information on the poster is laid out in a way that's simple to follow, and photographs are included to help illustrate the correct and incorrect ways to use a ladder. The photos also make the poster more eye-catching, which encourages people to take the time to read it in the first place.

We stock a large range of ladders and stepladders, all of which are high-quality, safe and reliable.

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