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L-Shaped Glow-in-the-Dark High-Visibility Stair Marker

Increase the safety of steps in low light situations


£159.00 ex. VAT ( £190.80 inc. VAT)
  • Self-adhesive for easy application
  • Can be used on worn steps where the edge isn't a suitable surface for marking
  • Anti-slip surface for extra safety

The stairs can be one of the most dangerous parts of a building in low light. This situation can occur because of a power cut or other loss of lights, or because of smoke during a fire. The dangers caused by stairs can seriously impede efforts to evacuate, so ensuring they can be seen more clearly in the dark is an important step in your safety precautions.

Our photoluminescent stair nosings are a hard-wearing fixture that can be applied to the edge of steps to increase its visibility in the dark, but they're not suitable for worn steps without a defined edge. These clever L-shaped markers are a great alternative, providing a clear indication of the outline of steps.

They're self-adhesive for easy application, and their tough ant-slip surface ensures they won't cause a loss of grip that leads to accidents.

Additional Information

Photoluminescence Photoluminescent
Supplied in Pack of 25 pairs

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