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Reusable Split Ring Key Tags

Reusable key tags in a variety of styles and colours.


From: £3.99 ex. VAT ( £4.79 inc. VAT)

  • Choose from two different styles and five different colours
  • Supplied with white insert cards for customisation
  • Each tag includes a protective acetate cover

These split ring key tags, made from durable plastic, can be easily attached to any key or set of keys. This allows them to be quickly identified or differentiated, making them easy to tell apart and be returned if lost. They come in packs of 25, enough for a large company or to provide multiple backup key tags in the event that more are needed. This makes them a practical accessory to help with the security of both small and large buildings, with enough to meet the needs of a single individual with plenty of extras to spare.

There is a range of five appealing colours to choose from: black, blue, green, red and yellow, allowing them to easily stand out regardless of context, and helping you to tell multiple sets of keys apart. The key tags also come in two alternative styles, providing a variety of extra uses. Of the two different styles, Style No. SL-A1 includes split rings measuring 22 x 53mm with increased space for larger labels, while Style No. SL-A2 measures 22 x 55mm and includes a hole for hanging your keys up on a hook or in a cupboard for storage.

Also included are rectangular white card inserts, allowing for easy customisation - simply remove the insert, write your chosen label in either pen or pencil, and replace. Each key tag comes with a protective acetate cover, preventing your label from becoming smudged, marked or damaged by water after insertion. This makes these key tags a flexible and reusable product, easily re-purposed and useful in a variety of situations and appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

These key tags are also a part of a wide range of complimentary products. This range includes moulded plastic key tags, tamper-proof keyrings for use in working environments, key clips and key storage boxes to keep keys secure. Taken together, these various products can provide excellent security solutions perfect for a wide range of user needs.

  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags
  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags
  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags
  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags
  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags
  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags
  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags
  • Reusable Split Ring Key Tags

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