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Green or Red Plastic Emergency Key Guard with Optional Alarm

Keep emergency keys safe but accessible, without the use of glass

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From: £18.99 ex. VAT ( £22.79 inc. VAT)
  • Durable wipe-clean plastic construction for a hygienic, glass-free unit
  • A choice of colours to suit different applications or increase visibility
  • Optional 85dB alarm alerts people to emergencies and deters misuse

Around the average workplace, there are many doors that need to remain locked for security reasons, but accessible for people who need to exit the building quickly in an emergency. This helps with regulations for fire safety and ensures that you have the most efficient evacuation strategy you can.

One way to keep locked doors accessible is to install a panic bolt unit, which lets people open the door from one side by breaking a glass tube, but prevents access from the other side and keeps the door secured when it's not needed. If that's not possible or practical in your business premises, these plastic key guards are a simple but reliable and effective way to help people open locked doors quickly if they need to exit the building.

The key guard boxes can be fixed to a wall in an eye-catching location, so people will find them quickly when they need to. They're available in either red or green, so you can choose the colour that will stand out most effectively against the wall, or use colour coding to denote different keys for different purposes. For example, green keys might be used for fire exits, while red ones can store keys for alarms or other equipment.

When someone needs to access the key or keys stored inside, all they need to do is pull off the plastic covering window, which can be done quickly. The all-plastic construction means there's no need to break glass, so no glass shards are left afterwards. The entire unit is wipe-clean, keeping hygiene levels high and making it suitable for use in hospitals, kitchens and other places where cleanliness is essential. If your key guard has been used, simply order a replacement window and set it up again easily.

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