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Portable Lightweight Kerb Hopper

Ensure kerbs don't disrupt your access plans


£165.00 ex. VAT ( £198.00 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable for industrial or commercial use
  • Non slip surface due to reinforced plastic design
  • Can eliminate access issues with kerbs and ridges

Measuring 50 (H) x 1050 (W) x 690 (L) mm, this Kerb Hopper is an effective solution when it comes to creating kerb and ridge access, whether intended for a wheelchair, or roadworks and utility construction.

It has the advantage of being both durable and lightweight, with extra grip provided by a non-slip surface reinforced with glass. This surface is especially valuable in adverse weather conditions when the potential for slipping can become an issue.

Its strong nature means it stands up to the weight of large vehicles and heavy towed loads. Uneven access can jeopardise the safety of deliveries, as well as undermine other safety measures you may have in place. By using the Kerb Hopper, you can overcome the problem time and again. Its relatively small size and light weight makes it easy to store away.

Another important factor is damage to tyres and how this can be reduced with the correct use of the Kerb Hopper, negating the need for vehicles to 'climb' up a ridge or kerb.

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