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Plastic Or Vinyl Keep This Door Closed Signs

Ensure staff and visitors know to keep certain doors closed at all times


From: £2.99 ex. VAT
From: £2.42 ex. VAT ( £2.91 inc. VAT)

  • Durable materials for indoor and outdoor use
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Conform to health and safety signage at work regulations

There are many instances in the workplace where doors need to remain closed – mainly to prevent the spread of fire should one break out, but also for a variety of other reasons. You can instruct your staff and visitors to keep certain doors closed in your facility by installing appropriate instructional signage, such as these simple ‘keep this door closed’ signs. The simple yet effective signs are ideal for placing on the doors themselves, and can be used on both indoor and outdoor doors. Ensure that your surface is clean and dry, and then simply press down the self-adhesive rear of the signs for an extra strong hold that will resist peeling, erosion or fading as they become older.

Our door signs are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, and to suit your specific doors. The information signs come with a clear message printed in bold white text on a bright blue background – colours that are mandatory for information signs. There is also a white exclamation mark on the signs, to draw attention to their message. The signs have been manufactured to a high standard and fully conform to the UK and EU’s current health and safety signage regulations, which is essential for businesses to adhere to in order to maintain the safety of their staff and visitors.

If you are looking to label multiple doors with these symbols, you can also purchase our six pack for your convenience.

If you are looking to install a range of signage in your workplace, we stock a wide selection of instruction signs for your workplace, all with different types of ‘keep’ messages and pictograms.

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