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Keep locked mandatory health & safety signs

Instruct workers and visitors to keep doors locked at all times


From: £1.99 ex. VAT
From: £1.61 ex. VAT ( £1.93 inc. VAT)
  • Conforms to BS 5499 and Health & Safety Regulations 1996
  • Mandatory sign featuring white pictogram and blue circular background
  • Ideal for fire doors, emergency exits or other doors which must remain locked

This mandatory safety sign is designed to remind workers, visitors or members of the public when a door needs to remain locked at all times. In accordance with the Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, mandatory signs must feature a white pictogram with a circular blue background. This particular sign features a padlock pictogram alongside 'Keep locked' text to reiterate the crucial message. It is ideal for emergency exit doors which should only ever be opened when an evacuation is imminent.

The sign is available in a range of materials to suit a variety of different environments. The self-adhesive vinyl variety, which is slim and flexible yet durable, is ideal for smooth surfaces like glass, as well as areas which aren't completely flat, such as cylinders. If you're planning on placing the sign directly onto a door which has glass panels, the self-adhesive vinyl variety is a great choice.

We also have self-adhesive rigid plastic signs available. These are incredibly easy to install, just like the vinyl signs, but they're even more robust and resistant to scratching or tampering, which is ideal for busy environments. Again, they need to be applied to smooth surfaces to ensure strong, permanent adhesion.

Finally, we have rigid polypropylene signs, which aren't self-adhesive, meaning that installation is a little more laborious. However, they are great for use outdoors where self-adhesive signs aren't really suitable, and if you'd like to avoid installation with screws you could simply use something like the SignFix weather-resistant sign adhesive to ensure permanent, reliable adhesion to outdoor walls.

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