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Karcher Pressure Washer

Quickly and effectively blast off the dirt with a Karcher pressure washer.

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From: £489.00 ex. VAT ( £586.80 inc. VAT)
  • High pressured, effective cleaning tool
  • Clean tough dirt away in seconds
  • Simple and quick to use

Fed up with your filthy patio and muddy car? Buy a Karcher pressure washer and save time and money on professional or traditional cleaning methods with this easy to use tool. A Karcher pressure washer easily blasts off ingrained dirt and is widely used by professional cleaners, so you don’t have to be out of pocket and pay a fortune for a task you can perform yourself.

First of all, make sure there are no unfortunate accidents while using your pressure washing by erecting one of our plastic safety signsin front of the area you are treating with the pressure washer.

The Karcher pressure washer is easy to set up and use - when you’re finished cleaning, just push the handle and the hose will automatically retract. This is a high quality product featuring a filter to prevent large dirt particles damaging the pump and a brass cylinder head to get the maximum amount of spray pressure and effective cleaning. The flexible hose is 10 metres long, allowing for a greater reach and minimal stopping time to move the washer to a different location.

The Karcher pressure washer has a built-in carry handle and is lightweight and compact, so it can easily be transported to wherever it is required. The hose is retractable to stop it being damaged by tangles and kinks.

Robust enough to be used in both a personal and professional capacity, if you do happen to use your Karcher for your business, why not combine with our fragrant air freshener for that finishing touch?

The Karcher pressure washer is perfect for all your cleaning needs. No matter how tough the cleaning job is, the Karcher will effortlessly remove caked on dirt in seconds, letting you enjoy your newly cleaned patio or bike instead of you spending lots of time ineffectively scrubbing with manual tools.

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Brand Kärcher

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