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High performance Karcher pressure washer detergents

Range of detergents suitable for multiple cleaning requirements


From: £8.99 ex. VAT ( £10.79 inc. VAT)
  • Each space-saving 500ml pouch gives 5 litres of cleaning power
  • No extra containers required
  • Recyclable packaging

Karcher®'s range of pressure washer detergents is the perfect complement to their powerful pressure washers, enabling you to carry out all of your cleaning needs to the highest of standards. Each robust pouch contains 500ml of detergent concentrate. For storage purposes, this is great when you don't have a lot of room or are planning on keeping your stocks high. Once ready to use, simply make up the solution to 5 litres of diluted detergent by adding tap water to the pouch, which is designed to unfold into a sturdy 5 litre container.

There are four variants available, three of which are for your specific cleaning needs whilst one is a universal cleaner and can be used across the board. Whether your cleaning needs are for patios and decking or company vehicles such as cars, vans and bikes, there is an option for you. There's even a wash and wax version for when you need to go the extra mile to impress your clients. Those looking for gentler methods of cleaning, including soft furnishings, should consider the Karcher® range of steam cleaners.

Once mixed the solution can be used in the detergent tank or with a detergent suction hose. Depending on which version you choose, the formula will get to work on targeting area specific problems. For example, the solutions developed for cars and vehicles will not harm paintwork, glass or window seals, allowing you to get the clean finish you want without worry or hassle.

The fine consistency of the mixed product avoids clogging as it freely runs through the lance and gets to work. The light and space-saving foldable bag is recyclable and bio-degradable.

Karcher® offers a wide range of pressure washers for use with their detergents, enabling you to choose the washer that is perfect for your requirements.

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