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Slip-resistant kitchen safety mat

Prevent slipping injuries among kitchen workers


£181.30 ex. VAT ( £217.56 inc. VAT)
  • Cross grip surface for excellent slip resistance
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Features holes to let spilt liquids drain away

There are plenty of hazards to be aware of working in a kitchen, most notably from burns and sharp objects. Injuries from slipping might not be an obvious risk of kitchen work, but with a high chance of spillages and an often hectic work environment, it's important to take steps to avoid slips and falls. To prevent slips in all working areas, take a look at our range of anti-slip floor products.

Measuring 1.4 by 0.8m, this high-quality slip-resistant mat will provide extra grip on kitchen floors, even if slippery oils or other liquids have been spilled. It has a raised, textured 'cross grip' pattern which gives a high level of extra grip during those busy kitchen hours. Positioned next to workstations, these mats will prevent injury and help keep everyone on their feet. The cross grip pattern also has the bonus effect of relieving the fatigue that can be caused by long periods of standing. This in itself can help improve levels of kitchen safety, as higher alertness means a reduced chance of accidents.

Hygiene is, of course, a vital concern in kitchens, and our safety mat will help keep standards high. It has inherent anti-microbial properties to inhibit bacterial growth. It is also extremely easy to clean either with a pressure washer or a commercial washing machine. The mat has integrated drainage holes, so any liquids spilled on it will simply drain away to be dealt with during quiet times. This helps keep the mat dry, safe and clean. Spot cleaning of the mat and other surfaces with our antibacterial surface cleaner will help keep hygiene levels as high as possible.

An important addition to any kitchen to keep floors dry, safe and clean.

Additional Information

Brand COBA
Colour(s) Black
Size (W x L x T) 0.8 m x 1.4 m x 10 mm
Specifications / Characteristics Anti-bacterial
Supplied in Single

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