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JSP Evo Linesman ABS Helmet with Slip or Wheel Ratchet

Four-point fastening for excellent protection in tough weather conditions

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From: £15.85 ex. VAT ( £19.02 inc. VAT)

  • ABS construction for reliable lightweight protection
  • Chin strap automatically opens under excessive pressure
  • Built-in visor to protect the eyes

Keeping your head well protected in difficult weather can be a challenge, as heavy wind and rain can cause hard hats and helmets to slip out of place, reducing their effectiveness. The JSP Evo Linesman helmet is designed to stay firmly in place, keeping your head protected and leaving you free to concentrate on your work. It combines comfort and easy fitting with excellent protection, for a well-designed piece of equipment.

The helmet fastens with a secure four-point system, which helps to keep it steady and even in all environments. It's available with either a slip ratchet or a wheel ratchet, depending on your preferences, so you can adjust it to your comfort easily. A built-in visor provides coverage for the eyes without the need for extra items of protective equipment, although for situations where there's a particularly significant risk of eye injuries, we recommend using additional eye protection underneath the visor.

Constructed from ABS, the helmet is extremely durable, providing excellent head protection without excessive weight. This makes it more comfortable to wear for longer periods, and side and rear ventilation keeps the head cool for further increased comfort. It has a pH-neutral sweatband that's been dermatologically tested, so it's suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin. An integrated chin strap helps to keep the helmet straight, but it automatically opens if there's high pressure, to keep the wearer safe. Why not also install a PPE mirror to let people check they have a good fit before they start work.

The helmet is available in a choice of blue, white or yellow, so you can complement your company colours or uniforms, or choose a shade that increases visibility for extra safety while working. It's important to make sure people know when they're about to enter an area where there's a risk of head injuries. Displaying our double-sided hanging warning sign is an effective way to ensure people remember to wear protective headwear.

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