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JSP 3-Gate Polypropylene Folding Work Barriers

Lightweight, easy-to-store barriers suitable for indoor and outdoor use


From: £69.99 ex. VAT ( £83.99 inc. VAT)

  • Constructed from lightweight yet durable polypropylene
  • Can be linked to form longer barriers
  • Folds for convenient storage

These sturdy barriers are suitable for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications to designate areas that are off limits. Their polypropylene construction means all three panels together weigh just 8kg so that they're durable yet lightweight for easy lifting and manoeuvring by just one person. This is ideal for smaller construction or maintenance jobs where work may be carried out by individuals rather than an entire team.

Each panel within the 3-gate barrier measures 1000mm high and 840mm wide and features a linking mechanism to allow multiple barriers to be connected together to form a longer barrier system. The linking function also allows the barrier to be formed into a loop to create a complete, closed off barrier if required. This makes the barriers ideal for cordoning off hazardous areas where ongoing work is taking place, or simply for barricading areas which are temporarily off-limits to the public. Since we have a variety of colours available, it's possible to create a colour-coded system if necessary, such as to symbolise different types of work taking place.

When not in use, the panels of the barrier fold together in order that they can be stored with ease and without taking up too much space. This also makes them very handy for transporting. They can be used indoors and outdoors, but do note that their lightweight construction may put them at risk of blowing over in strong winds. If it's likely that you'll require the barriers for frequent outdoor use in harsh conditions, we recommend choosing a more heavy-duty alternative such as the JSP Frontier Cross-Link Safety Barriers which have been designed to provide superior stability in strong winds.

  • JSP 3-Gate Polypropylene Folding Work Barriers
  • JSP 3-Gate Polypropylene Folding Work Barriers
  • JSP 3-Gate Polypropylene Folding Work Barriers
  • JSP 3-Gate Polypropylene Folding Work Barriers
  • JSP 3-Gate Polypropylene Folding Work Barriers
  • JSP 3-Gate Polypropylene Folding Work Barriers

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