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Inventory Tags For Repairable Parts

Useful tags to help signify if a stock part requires rework or repair


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  • Tags used to clearly identify problem parts
  • Standard pre-numbering, with factories choosing the start number
  • Attach tags to stock with nylon security ties

Supplied in packs of 100, these helpful tags are suited to factory or stockroom environments where parts or stock needs to be clearly identified as in need of repair or alteration.

Tags include a number of fields that can be filled in to help staff keep track of the part – including the part number, reasons for rework/repair and the date of inspection.

Tags have been intentionally coloured a neutral blue, allowing staff to easily identify when a part is in need of rework or repair.

These tags can be combined with SafetyShop's other coloured tags to create a simple colour-coded system for parts. Use our green Inventory Tags For Accepted Parts when the part/stock has been fully repaired/altered.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Blue
Description 1
Packaging Qty. 100
Size (H x W) 61 x 121 mm
Supplied in Pack of 100

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