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Intumescent Expanding Smoke & Fire Resistant Door Seals

Hold fire back for up to an hour, keeping it contained


From: £3.99 ex. VAT ( £4.79 inc. VAT)
  • Expands to seal fire doors when in contact with heat
  • Increase fire safety and slow the spread of flames
  • Fully tested to conform to safety standards

Fire doors are an important part of the safety of people in your business premises if a fire breaks out. To increase their effectiveness, these intumescent seals are an excellent way to make sure fire and smoke don't get through if there's an emergency.

The seals are designed to expand when they come into contact with heat. This creates a solid seal around the door, which stops smoke getting through and holds back fire for up to an hour. Because of this extra time in which the fire is contained, there's a much higher chance of limiting the risk to people and the damage to buildings. Available in either white or brown to suit your needs, the seals are an extremely effective safety measure.

Used alongside other items of fire safety equipment, these seals can dramatically increase safety.

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