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Wall-Mounted Indoor Convex Acrylic Security Mirror

Increase your field of vision in shops, warehouses and loading bays

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From: £89.99 ex. VAT ( £107.99 inc. VAT)

  • High-quality impact-resistant acrylic
  • J-shaped bracket fitting provides free adjustment
  • Available in three different sizes

If you run a shop, it's important to have a full view of the area, particularly if you don't have a lot of staff members or there are blind corners and alcoves. If you're not able to see every part of the shop, it's easier for thieves to operate, which puts you at serious risk of losses. Video surveillance is one way to ensure you can monitor the whole area, but this mirror provides a highly effective low-tech way to increase your field of vision so you can keep your stock, staff and business safe and secure.

The convex shape of the mirror lets you see a much larger area than you would otherwise be able to. It comes complete with a J-shaped fixing bracket for mounting it to a wall, and it can be adjusted freely to get just the right angle for maximum effect. Not just useful for shops, it can be installed in warehouses, loading bays and indoor areas where forklifts or other pieces of heavy equipment are operating. This can help the operators to see better, reducing the risk of accidents, and also lets people on foot see any hazards they should watch out for. Outside in car parks and on road corners, our traffic mirrors give drivers a way to see oncoming hazards so they can drive more safely.

This indoor mirror is available in three different sizes for you to order the right one for your needs, depending on how big the room is and how much wall space is available. It's constructed from impact-resistant acrylic, so it's unlikely to be damaged easily. The silver surface gives you an incredibly clear view, helping you see as much as possible. If you need an even wider field of vision, our rounded ceiling mirror covers a huge area and is ideal for psychiatric wards, prisons and other places where it's essential to see what people are doing.

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