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Crushable Instant Cold Pack

Help to soothe and treat injuries instantly by crushing the single use pack


From: £14.75 ex. VAT
From: £7.38 ex. VAT ( £8.86 inc. VAT)

  • No need for freezing; cold is activated by crushing
  • Place over injury for instant relief
  • Chemically activated for single use

Unfortunately, despite workplaces taking all the necessary precautions, sometimes accidents do still happen at work. That's why it is important to stock up on first aid equipment such as burn relief and cold therapy supplies so that, if somebody does suffer a minor injury, it can be treated and the impact can be minimised straight away. For aches, pains and general strains, ice packs are a great way to provide relief and minimise swelling. This instant cold pack provides icy cool relief without the need for freezing - just simply crush the pack when it is needed and it will become instantly cold.

The cold pack is designed with convenience and speed in mind. It is chemically activated, meaning that there is no need to store it in the refrigerator or freezer; you can just store it with your general first aid supplies. The pack is designed for single use so, once it has been crushed and used, it needs to be disposed of.

Once you have activated the pack, you simply need to place it over the injury; the pack will stay cool for a substantial amount of time so is ideal for use during the acute stages of injury. The instant cold relief pack comes in a choice of two sizes; the small size is ideal for injuries on smaller surface areas, such as hands, feet and the face. Alternatively, the medium option is more suited to larger areas, such as the torso, arms or legs.

Injuries in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes and, depending on the injury, there will be different treatments needed. For stiff joints, aching muscles, sprains and strains, heat treatment is very effective. We also stock a single use instant heat pack, which, like the cold pack, is activated by squeezing. Make sure you are providing all the right first aid equipment for your staff today - our heat and cold packs are the perfect addition to any basic first aid kit.

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