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Lightweight Portable Industrial Platform Steps

Steps with large checker-plate platform to ensure a safe working area


From: £227.00 ex. VAT ( £272.40 inc. VAT)

  • Choose from single- or double-sided unit
  • Constructed from lightweight, industrial-strength aluminium
  • Designed with deep serrated treads and anti-slip rubber

These steps are easy to move around, thanks to their lightweight aluminium design, without sacrificing sturdiness. The large pedestal at the peak allows for a wide base, assuring a steady and secure unit. The design is perfect for safety when working while standing at the top for extended periods of time.

The sizes on offer include any number of steps in the range from three to seven, allowing you to reach the height you require. You can also vary the design by choosing between a single- or double-sided unit, depending on what will better suit your requirements. Either way, the construction is from industrial-strength aluminium and is strong and durable while remaining light and portable.

Another great feature of these steps is the anti-slip design in place on the steps and the top platform. Deep serrated non-slip treads provide extra grip for the soles of the shoes when climbing the steps and standing atop the platform. There are also anti-slip rubber feet fitted at the bottom of the unit, ensuring it doesn’t slide on the ground. User safety is among the leading features of this product’s design.

A single order will get you one unit with this product, but we can provide a quick quote if you require multiple orders. Quality is guaranteed every time and these platforms are designed to withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps of the workplace environment. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Safetyshop supplies a range of ladders, stepladders and mobile steps if you want to make a more detailed search. All products are in compliance with health and safety regulations and have been awarded our seal of approval for effectiveness and safe usage. You will have no problem finding what you need in our range.

If you require something to get you a little higher, you might prefer our aluminium stepladder with safety handrail. This will keep users safe while allowing a climb to greater heights, as required by the environment.

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