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Quick Drying Industrial Floor Paint

Durable paint that's resistant to dirt and oil.

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From: £97.90 ex. VAT
From: £89.09 ex. VAT ( £106.91 inc. VAT)
  • Highly durable, even with heavy traffic
  • Straight-forward to apply - no pre-mixing required and quick drying
  • Resistant to solvents, dirt, detergents and grease

In an industrial or warehouse environment, floor paint doesn't just give your premises a tidier appearance; it's also vital to differentiate between different areas, as well as preserve the floor surface from the damage heavy use can cause.

This paint is suitable for use on almost every industrial floor surface; garages, warehouses, factories, workshops and storage areas can all benefit from this premium grade paint. Many companies use it to ensure workers can use the floor colour to safely navigate their way around hazards and obstacles, using the colour of the floor surface as a guide. This is particularly useful for forklift drivers, who may have limited visibility.

Our floor paint for industrial premises has been specifically formulated to perform well in challenging conditions. It's resistant to a variety of different substances, including water-based and oil-based compounds. This means that, if there's a spill, the chances of a slip or other industrial accident are reduced.

The pain is easy to apply and dries quickly, meaning down time is kept to an absolute minimum. Very little floor preparation is needed, although obviously any cracks or dents will need to be rectified before the paint is applied. Once the paint is in place, it requires little maintenance and will often last for years.

If you're considering options for renovating your flooring, our product range includes a number of different choices which can work well. For speedy results, rapidly drying floor coating is a great investment. Epoxyshield durable floor covering can be tailored to your specific requirements with the addition of anti-slip or decorative additives.

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