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In/out boards with card inserts

Keep track of which employees are present or absent from the workplace


From: £69.99 ex. VAT ( £83.99 inc. VAT)
  • Records staff whereabouts
  • Simple, sliding mechanism
  • Available in a range of sizes

A reference for who is on your business' site at any given moment is a central component of good health and safety practice in the UK. In case of emergencies or fires, staff who are in the building need to be recorded as such, and a way of tracking who is available for meetings or any other business matters is also central to the smooth running of a business. An in/out board, a sensible, cost-efficient product for any small business, allows staff to record when they are leaving the site for whatever reason, allowing for a quick, cheap reference system that, unlike registers or digital record-keeping methods, does not run out and cannot easily be misplaced or tampered with.

With spaces available for either 10, 20 or 40 staff members, the robust design provides card inserts with a simple sliding mechanism, denoting "in" or "out", and is additionally supplied with a wall fixing kit. Perfect for hallways and interior environments, the board can also provide a reference for passers-by who wish to make an appointment with a specific person, and can be used in conjunction with our other safety and security options and also our more specific range of ID badges, visitor management and accessories for further coverage.

This item helps your business to run smoothly and efficiently, without the installation costs that such electronic technology often brings about. A sturdy and reliable option for any business, an in/out board is also a perfect item for studios and communal working spaces, providing valuable reference in case of an emergency.

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