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Illegal Drugs and You' Health and Safety Information Poster

Provide readily-available information on this sensitive but important topic

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From: £21.95 ex. VAT ( £26.34 inc. VAT)
  • Three different hard-wearing materials available
  • A choice of sizes to suit your needs
  • Advice to help people deal with their own problems and spot them in colleagues

Illegal drugs can cause immense problems in people's personal lives, but in workplaces, these problems can become magnified and cause significant danger to everyone present. Not only is there the legal aspect to consider, and the implications for your responsibility as an employer, but the impaired concentration and performance caused by drug use leads to extreme risks, particularly if any sort of hazardous equipment or substances are used.

This poster contains essential advice on various aspects of illegal drug use. It covers different types of drugs and their legal status, and it helps people to be aware of warning signs in their colleagues so that they can help them. It's also useful information for anybody struggling with their own drug use, and it enables them to find information discreetly without the need for anyone to know. We also stock an 'Alcohol at work' poster to help people understand issues surrounding drinking.

Our drug information poster includes phone numbers for Crimestoppers and the National Drugs Line, providing an easy way to either report illegal behaviour anonymously or seek professional advice on the subject. It can be ordered in a choice of three different sizes, with three materials also available. Laminated paper provides extra durability compared to standard paper, and the semi-rigid plastic or eco-friendly 80 percent recycled rigid plastic options are tough enough for use in busy working areas. If you want to make sure your poster is kept in its best condition, our magnetic wall frames are an excellent choice.

The use of colours in this poster helps it to attract attention, and the neatly laid out text encourages reading and makes skimming easy. With this poster displayed in a highly visible location, it goes a long way towards tackling drug abuse.

Substance abuse and stress are often linked, so give your staff advice on dealing with and understanding this common health problem with our stress management poster.

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