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Self-Activating Ice Warning Sign

Ice warning sign that self-activates in cold weather conditions


From: £41.25 ex. VAT ( £49.50 inc. VAT)
  • Thermochromic ink technology activates sign in temperatures falling below 5 degrees Celsius
  • Sign can be left in place all year round, even throughout summer
  • Helps protect staff, visitors and public from potential slips and falls

During winter, cold weather presents a number of potential hazards that do not apply in warmer months. Ice is a danger very much confined to a few months of the year – and even during those months it is not always present. Our ice warning sign uses revolutionary thermochromic ink technology that activates a blue warning message only when temperatures fall below 5 degrees centigrade – making sure they only present a warning when it is necessary.

The ice warning sign, also known as an anti-slip sign and temperature-respondent sign, is ideal for use in walkways and car parks to warn people of potentially icy areas. The cold weather warning sign comes in semi-rigid plastic or vinyl, both durable materials that are designed to withstand a number of extreme weather conditions – including ice, snow and heatwaves. The A3 ice danger sign is also photo-luminescent, which means that it can be easily seen in semi-darkness or foggy conditions, and has a high-visibility border to draw attention to it when it is activated. However, the sign should be placed out of direct sunlight for maximum effectiveness.

Car parks are an ideal place where danger and warning signs such as this one should be displayed. For car parks, warehouses and similar areas, we also stock 'Danger fork lift truck' signs, which can warn pedestrians and car drivers of other potential dangers.

For areas that may contain a multiple number of hazards, try our multi hazard area signs, which can alert people to numerous potential dangers.

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