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Affordable and virtually unbreakable ice scraper

Ideal for removing ice and snow from vehicles quickly


£1.95 ex. VAT ( £2.34 inc. VAT)
  • Non-stick so ice and snow will slide off
  • Can brave temperatures up to -30c
  • Affordable price

On chilly days, a sturdy ice scraper is essential for making your vehicle ice-free so you can get on your way. This affordable and virtually unbreakable ice scraper is an essential tool for winter months. It is injection moulded thermoplastic which is tough and durable, allowing the user to remove snow and ice from cars, vans and lorries easily.

Designed to endure the coldest of temperatures, this ice scraper is resistant to temperatures from –30 degrees Celsius up until 80 degrees Celsius. This ice scraper is in a bright orange colour, making it difficult to miss when you are searching in your car or van for where it was last left. Weighing under 0.08kg, it is light and easy to store.

This is just one in a range of items the Safety Shop has designed to help you cope in cold climates. Winter safety doesn’t have to be a backbreaking task, you can get everything you need from our online shop to prepare you for those freezing months.

This two part car snow shovel is made from the same non-stick coating which means snow just slides off. It’s tough, durable design is easy to clean and is virtually unbreakable.

Another must-have for drivers battling colder climates is a good, multi-purpose de-icer. This multi-purpose refill is a unique and special formula which instantly melts away ice from walkways and car windows.

And this ice melt salt shaker is the perfect item to clear walkways and reception areas after an onset of ice and snow. The salt melts the ice and snow quickly and safely.

For the ultimate winter safety item, this grit bin will safeguard your pathways, roads and walking areas. The ultimate grit bin & salt kit is a 200-litre capacity bin, filled with salt which is kept dry with a rubber seal. It comes with 10 bags of white, de-icing salt – just the right amount to make sure you have the means to make your pathways and roads user-friendly throughout the colder weeks.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Orange
Description Ice Scraper
Material Polypropylene
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Ice Scraper
Specifications / Characteristics Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to +80 ° C
Supplied in Single
Weight 0.08 kg

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