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10kg Bag of Fast-Acting Non-Toxic Ice Melt

Clears ice and snow efficiently and prevents refreezing


£19.95 ex. VAT ( £23.94 inc. VAT)

  • 10 times more coverage than ordinary de-icing salt
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic, safe for use around humans, animals and plants
  • Stops the ground from refreezing for up to 24 hours after application

As soon as the weather begins to turn cold, there's a chance of ice on the ground or even snowfall, which can cause problems in the daily running of your business. When the ground becomes icy and slippery, it's hazardous for drivers, pedestrians and machinery operators, so it's important that you have a fast, effective way to deal with the frozen conditions underfoot and keep them safe for as long as possible. If your car park is iced over, display one of our warning signs while you get to work clearing it with Ice Melt.

Ice Melt is one of the most reliable ways to get rid of ice and snow quickly. It's such an effective product that it can cover up to ten times more ground than traditional rock salt, so a much smaller amount is needed - that means less storage space and easier application. Our hand-held salt spreader is a simple way to apply the Ice Melt without the need for heavy, awkward equipment.

The carbamide and urea composition of Ice Melt is non-toxic and non-corrosive, so it's safe to use around people and pets, and even on or near to plants. When it's spread, it gets to work extremely quickly and keeps the ground ice-free for up to 24 hours. It can even be used as a preventative, so if you think sub-zero temperatures are on the way, load up a heavy-duty salt spreader and cover all your paths, roads and car parks to keep them safe and operational.

Ice Melt works at temperatures as low as -15°C, so it can be used even in extreme weather. Just a light sprinkling is needed for it to do its job, making it a cost-effective way to melt ice and snow, as you'll get a surprising amount of coverage from this 10-kilogramme bag. Stocking up on de-icing products in advance helps you ensure you'll be ready for any sudden changes in the weather, but make sure you store it in the optimum conditions, such as our lockable grit bin, so it retains its effectiveness and stays dry and free-flowing.

Additional Information

Application Paths, steps, car parks, corrosion sensitive areas<br>Apply before or after onset ice/snow
Description 10kg Bag
Material Carbamide/Urea
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Ice Melt
Size 10kg
Specifications / Characteristics Can apply using salt spreaders
Supplied in Single
T -15°C
Temperature -15 °C
Weight 10 kg

Customer Reviews

90% of customers liked this product

6 years ago

Service: Very good customer service and good knolidge of product

Product: Could be vastly improved and large bag size ie 15kg bagsOur response: -

Provides 10 times more coverage than de-icer salt.
Dissolves ice and snow in seconds!
Prevents ice and snow from forming, de-ices and helps prevents against re-freezing.
Rapid de-icer which is light, easy to use and leaves no residue.
Adheres to the surface after use and has passed HSE slip tests.
Will cover 2000m.
Supplied in 10kg bags.

Please contact us again if you incur any problems with the ice melt upon use.

Anne Wilde
Safetyshop Team

7 years ago

Service: Prompt service with request for quote and subsequent order

Product: Got this product last year and it worked very well.

8 years ago

Service: Good service and a clear website

Product: Does everything its says it will, have very slippery steps out of the house and no problems both melting the snow and stopping it re-freezing, going to last ages too!

8 years ago

Service: My parents are delighted with the design of the snow pusher and the way the delivery was packaged.

Product: Excellent

8 years ago

Service: Order process easy quick dispatch no problems recommended supplier

Product: Excellent

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