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Super-absorbent HydroSnake Flood Prevention

Light and stackable flood prevention barriers


£17.00 ex. VAT ( £20.40 inc. VAT)

  • Comes in a handy pack of 2
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight materials

With climate change and flooding in the UK an ongoing concern, your business can benefit from keeping a stock of these HydroSnake Flood Prevention Barriers on hand, in case the worst happens. Many buildings have been built on the flood plains in the UK, and while no-one wants to think that a flood could happen, if your business is very near a body of water, it’s best to be prepared and to make flood protection a big part of your disaster recovery plan.

The HydroSnake Barriers come in a handy pack of 2 and are delivered ready to use. They are very light, making them easy to lift in place for any member of staff. The barriers are also flat before you use them and easy to store out of the way until you need them.

If flood waters do rise, you can use these flood prevention barriers to prevent water entering your business premises and causing damage, reducing your need for an insurance claim. The barricades will expand when soaked with water, and are also stackable or can be folded to increase the height of the barrier if needed.

For an environmentally conscious business, these barriers are an environmentally friendly alternative to using sandbags, containing pulp and ultra-absorbent polymers.

After use, simply dispose of the HydroSnake Flood Prevention Barriers in your standard rubbish – no need to make any special arrangements to remove them.

While we hope that floods are never bad enough to involve an evacuation from your premises, we also have Rapid Deploy Escape Ladders to enable staff to escape from windows on upper floors, should this be necessary, and a 175 x 68mm Life Hammer, allowing your staff to rapidly break any windows, even those made of tough glass, in an emergency, allowing them to deploy the escape ladder.

For further prevention during a flood, our Flood Defence Toilet Seals are ideal to prevent backflow and seal your toilets.

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Description HydroSnake Flood Control
Supplied in Pack of 2

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9 months ago

Service: Quick response initially to my enquiry and the goods arrived not long after. I would recommend safety shop to others.

Product: Good alternative to sandbags

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