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Highly Effective HydroSack Flood Prevention Barrier

Environmentally friendly, quick-inflating HydroSacks for defence against floods.


£17.00 ex. VAT ( £20.40 inc. VAT)

  • Holds up to 20 litres of flood water
  • Features handles for easy positioning and portability
  • Does not leak, even if punctured

React quickly in the event of a flood using this HydroSack flood prevention tool. The HydroSack not only absorbs flood water but can be positioned in key areas to help block further flooding. Multiple HydroSacks utilised together can create an effective flood barrier, and they are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial properties.

When empty, the HydroSack weighs one kilogramme. It can be placed in key positions quickly and easily where the threat of imminent flooding is apparent. As it becomes soaked in water, the HydroSack starts to inflate in just minutes and will continue to do so until it is full. It has the capacity to absorb and hold up to 20 litres of flood water. While it has the ability to soak up water, it will not release it again, even if the HydroSack is accidentally punctured.

The HydroSack features carry handles that allow you to manoeuvre it quickly and easily into position. Improve the flood protection of your premises by placing it in doorways and openings. Numerous HydroSacks used together can act as a highly effective flood barrier. This type of flood prevention is an environmentally friendly alternative to the usual sandbags that are commonly used. Once the threat of flooding has passed, the HydroSacks can be easily disposed of.

Use the HydroSack flood prevention tool in conjunction with the HydroSnake flood prevention. This lightweight item is flat and convenient to store when not in use yet expands as it absorbs flood water and can be used to create a barricade. For increased height, the HydroSnakes can be folded or stacked. They are ready to use and contain super-absorbent polymers and pulp. The HydroSnakes are also an environmentally friendly option for use in place of sandbags.

Additional Information

Description Hydrosack Flood Defence
Supplied in Pack of 2

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