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Hydraulic stackers - simple aids for safer loading

Manual, pump operated lifting aid for safer loading and unloading


From: £1,367.00 ex. VAT ( £1,640.40 inc. VAT)
  • Castors and load rollers for easy movement from place to place
  • Foot or hand operated hydraulic pump
  • Raises and lowers loads to the correct height for safe movement

Safe lifting is always a priority in the workplace, which is why these hydraulic stackers are a popular choice for warehouses, retail outlets, industrial facilities, storage areas and any other working environment where there is a need to regularly move, stack and store heavy materials. The hydraulic stores lift we provide is powered manually (so no diesel fumes or battery recharging is required), using a straight-forward pump which can be powered by hands or feet.

Designed to meet the EU GS standard as well as BS EN ISO 3691-5:2009, this mobile mover and stacker features castors and load rollers which allow it to be easily moved from one place to another. The manual stacker can be easily shifted into position and is relatively small. This combination ensures that even cramped storage spaces can still be reached by this handy stacker.

Our hydraulic stackers are finished in highly visible powder coating colours, minimising the risk of accidents and enabling the stacking aid to be quickly located, as its finish makes it stand out.

Made from durable materials and benefiting from an exceptionally high build quality, this hydraulic stacker is intended to provide reliable, safe service, even in challenging conditions where it is subject to heavy use.

The hydraulically powered stacker is part of our range of moving equipment. Where there is a need to move goods from one height to another, scissor lift tables or a pallet truck may also work well.

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