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Wall or pedestal mounted emergency eyewash fountain

Extremely effective eye washing facilities for high-risk environments.

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From: £485.00 ex. VAT ( £582.00 inc. VAT)
  • Pedestal mounted version is available in stainless steel
  • Provides a controlled flow of aerated water
  • Treadle is available for hands-free operation

Eye washing facilities are essential in any workplace where there's a risk of contaminants or debris entering the eyes. These include laboratories, certain types of manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. In environments where there's a particularly high risk, the eyewash provided should be as effective as possible, and this Hughes eyewash fountain gives you excellent irrigation for injured eyes.

Displaying a clear sign near to the location of your eyewash ensures people can find it quickly in an emergency. The fountain is either mounted to a wall or sat on a pedestal, depending on which version you choose, and is marked with symbols so that people can recognise its purpose. It's made from durable ABS as standard, but a stainless steel version of the pedestal fountain is also available.

The fountain is easy to operate, with the valve being operated when the lid is dropped down, at which point it gives you a steady, controlled flow of aerated water to help you efficiently wash the eyes and facial area. An optional treadle is also available, which allows hands-free operation of the fountain. This is a particularly useful addition in places where people work alone and are more likely to need to administer eyewash on themselves.

The plastic bowl of the fountain has an integrated drop-down lid, which keeps it clean and hygienic in dusty environments, ensuring it's ready for safe use when it's needed. The compact overall design of the fountain means it takes up minimal space in a room, so it can be used in areas where storage is limited without causing an obstruction.

In some types of work, there's a danger of people coming into contact with contaminants or biological hazards all over the body. The Hughes combination safety shower provides a complete head-to-toe safety washing system, with a separate eyebath and facewash fountain to make sure you can deal with chemicals and other dangerous substances effectively.

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