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Convenient Howard Leight ear plug dispenser

Easy to use storer and dispenser of ear plugs


From: £76.25 ex. VAT ( £91.50 inc. VAT)
  • Reusable dispenser which is supplied with ear plugs
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for table top or wall mounted usage

Ear plugs are an absolute essential for any noisy workplace, with people becoming more and more aware of the damage that can be done to hearing by loud noises. With instances of tinnitus on the rise, it is very important to ensure that suitable protection is supplied. This ear plug dispenser by Howard Leight is the perfect solution and means that ear plugs will be readily available to those who need them, whenever they need them.

The Howard Leight ear plug dispenser is a convenient way to store and dispense ear plugs. It is supplied with ear plugs originally, but can be reused simply by refilling which makes it a cost effective way to store ear plugs. The ear plugs themselves are specially designed to be as high performing and comfortable as possible, there are two styles available and the dispenser can be used with Howard Leight Max®, Max Lite®, Laser Lite®, and Multi Max® ear plugs. All of the ear plugs are disposable, so it's a very hygienic solution for any workplace.

The Howard Leight Ear Plug Dispenser is incredibly easy to use, just twist the knob on the front of the dispenser and the ear plugs will be delivered to the bottom. The dispenser is also very versatile and can be used either free standing on any surface or mounted to a wall.

An ear plug dispenser, keeping all ear plugs in once place, will lead to cleaner work surfaces and lower maintenance costs. The Howard Leight ear plug dispenser has a large capacity and can hold up to 400 ear plugs so the it is the perfect solution to ear plug storage and usage. For more heavy duty ear protection, our Howard Leight impact electro ear muffs protect from noise up to 82DB.

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Brand Honeywell - Howard Leight®

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