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Honeywell Optifit Ergonomic Silicone Respirator Mask

A comfortable and highly effective piece of personal protective equipment


£159.15 ex. VAT ( £190.98 inc. VAT)
  • Ergonomically-designed for total comfort
  • Built-in speech diaphragm enables communication
  • Highly protective respirator

While respiratory protection is a necessary part of working safely for many people, it isn't always the most comfortable piece of equipment. Uncomfortable protective wear can lead to decreased work performance and attention, which in turn can lead to further risks when people don't take the proper care.

The Honeywell Optifit mask is designed to be as comfortable as it is effective, ergonomically built to ensure it's not unpleasant to wear, even when needed for long periods. The large polycarbonate lens provides a clear field of vision, and a built-in speech diaphragm enables the wearer to communicate with others, without compromising on protection.

Used with Honeywell's respirator filters, this mask provides an excellent level of protection that will ensure work is carried out as safely as possible.

Additional Information

Brand Honeywell
Description Full-face respirator without filter
Fixing 5 point suspension
Material Silicone & polycarbonate
Packaging Qty. 1
Supplied in Single

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