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Clear, Disposable Visor Covers for Honeywell Junior A Air Hood

Easily clip on to keep the Air Hood in top condition for longer


£59.45 ex. VAT ( £71.34 inc. VAT)

  • One clip system for easy installation
  • Sturdy acetate construction
  • Prevent damage to the visor

The Honeywell Junior Air Hood is a lightweight, highly effective piece of protective equipment that combines a high level of comfort with excellent performance. To keep it in its best possible condition for longer, these visor covers clip neatly in place to protect the visor from scratches and other forms of damage.

The durable acetate construction of the visor covers ensures they keep the air hood's visor neat and protected. They're transparent, so they don't obstruct the wearer's vision, and they clip neatly in place with ease, meaning minimum hassle when fitting them to the helmet.

These visor covers are a highly cost-effective way to ensure the air hood has the longest possible lifespan, so you can get as much use out of it as possible before considering a replacement.

Additional Information

Brand Honeywell
Colour(s) Transparent
Description Disposable visor covers
Fixing One clip system
Packaging Qty. 1
Supplied in Pack of 100

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