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Honeywell Comfort 5000 Lightweight Moulded Dust Masks

For protection against airborne debris without sacrificing comfort and convenience


£33.65 ex. VAT ( £40.38 inc. VAT)
  • Moulded to fit the face comfortably
  • Tight-sealing film for the nose area
  • Allows comfortable breathing and easy communication

Dust masks help protect employees from the dangers of airborne particles in areas as diverse as agriculture, cleaning, manufacture and mining. Anywhere there's a risk of breathing in potentially hazardous debris, a dust mask should be worn.

These Honeywell dust masks provide the wearer with an excellent level of protection without being uncomfortable and awkward. This means that, even when they need to be worn for a long time, they won't cause lapses in concentration and a reduction in work efficiency.

Thoughtfully designed and moulded to fit the face better than traditional dust masks, the Comfort 5000 model is highly protective but pleasant to wear.

Make sure the eyes are also protected from dangerous particles in the air with our wide selection of safety glasses and goggles.

Additional Information

Brand Honeywell
Classes FFP3
Colour(s) White
Packaging Qty. 10
Size Range Medium
Supplied in Pack of 10
Type Valved
Weight 18 g

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