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Moulded plastic spring-back highway bollards

High-visibility moulded plastic bollards that spring back into an upright position after being hit.

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£20.15 ex. VAT
£18.34 ex. VAT ( £22.00 inc. VAT)
  • Highly-visible orange-and-white colour scheme ensures drivers won’t miss these safety bollards
  • Each bollard includes a shock cord that allows it to return to its upright position after being hit

Ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians in car parks and other high-traffic areas (such as airports) is a vitally important duty. But what steps can you take to ensure an orderly, safe traffic flow? One of the most helpful things you can do is delineate different areas used by traffic (such as different lanes) and create clear boundaries between areas for vehicles and areas for pedestrians. This minimises the risk of collision between two or more vehicles and the risk of vehicles colliding with pedestrians. Our moulded plastic spring-back highway bollards are perfect for creating boundaries and for delineating traffic zones, lanes and other areas.

Of course, you can just use road markings to establish boundaries and delineate traffic areas, but using bollards is far more reliable. Motorists misinterpret or fail to see road markings, but bollards are easy to see (due to the fact that they are raised objects instead of markings) and provide a physical barrier which can’t be misinterpreted. Like all our bollards, our spring-back bollards are far more likely to be seen and obeyed than road markings. Their visibility is also aided by their bright orange-and-white colour scheme, which all motorists should be able to see, even in low-visibility conditions.

In high-traffic areas, there is a risk that drivers will occasionally bump into bollards, which can damage both the bollards and their vehicle. Each of our spring-back bollards includes an internal shock cord which allows it to bend and then spring back into position when a driver knocks it. This ensures that the driver’s car won’t suffer excessive damage and the bollard won’t be dented or require replacement.

The sleeve surrounding the shock cord is BS873: Part 6, Des 2-compliant.

These bollards can be fixed in place easily using four fixing bolts, which are supplied separately.

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Product Description Highway Swing Back Bollards

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