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Reusable Adhesive Vinyl Cloth Number Labels

Use highly visible symbols to label items and specific areas of work


From: £4.75 ex. VAT ( £5.70 inc. VAT)
  • Features black numbers on a yellow background
  • Removable adhesive allows for repositioning
  • Manufactured from standard vinyl cloth

These highly visible symbols are ideal for situations when items or specific areas of the work environment need to be temporarily marked.

The removable adhesive used on these standard vinyl cloth labels means that the symbols can be repositioned as and when it is necessary.

In terms of their general design, the labels feature black numbers on a bright yellow background to ensure they can easily be identified by workers and site visitors alike.

Manufactured from standard vinyl cloth, the labels are ideal for use indoors and are also outdoor grade UV-resistant.

Use these labels alongside other similar products such as Adhesive High Visibility A-Z Vinyl Cloth Labels and Adhesive Vinyl Cloth Number Labels.

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