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Breathable, cooling high-visibility T-shirt

A comfortable alternative to jackets in warm conditions


From: £11.20 ex. VAT ( £13.44 inc. VAT)
  • Reflective tape stitched to the fabric
  • Cool, comfortable material
  • Includes large breast pocket

High-visibility clothing is absolutely essential to make sure workers are seen in all conditions and help ensure safety. Areas in which high-visibility clothing must be worn should be clearly marked with our high-vis awareness signs, to comply with regulations and ensure everyone is aware of requirements. The commonly-used high-vis jackets and even sleeveless waistcoats can be extremely hot and uncomfortable in warmer conditions, leading to unhappy workers and a potential negative impact on work effectiveness and safety.

Our high-visibility t-shirt is a simple but effective way to keep cool on the job without sacrificing visibility when needed most. The bird eye polyester the t-shirt is made from is a cool, breathable material that won't build up excess heat inside and cause the wearer to become overheated and stuffy. The short sleeves help the arms to keep cool while working and increase the levels of airflow within the garment.

The fluorescent yellow t-shirt is marked with two horizontal bands and two over-shoulder braces of reflective material, sewn onto the fabric of the garment to make them as durable as possible. The design maximises visibility and makes sure the wearer will be seen as well as they would if wearing a high-vis waistcoat. There is an integral breast pocket, which is useful for fixing an ID badge to the garment, or for carrying pens, small supplies or other useful items. Even though it doesn't have the same storage a jacket provides, there's still room to keep objects on the wearer's person.

The t-shirt is the ideal solution for high visibility in hot conditions, but sometimes you need the reverse. We stock a high-vis fleece sweatshirt to keep the wearer comfortable and warm when the weather turns cold.

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