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High-Visibility Absorbent Perforated Matting Roll for Hazardous Substances

Soak up hazardous spills while warning people of the danger


From: £91.95 ex. VAT ( £110.34 inc. VAT)
  • Bright, eye-catching yellow
  • Highly absorbent and suitable for hazardous liquids
  • Perforated for easy tearing

When hazardous liquids spill, the two most important things to do are dealing with the spill and warning people to take caution in the area. With this absorbent matting, you can effectively do both in one, cutting down on time and increasing safety.

The matting is perforated at intervals along the length and down the middle, so it's easy to tear off just the right amount for the job at hand. Coloured bright yellow, the matting maximises visibility of the spillage area and carries the association of hazardous materials for safe disposal.

Highly absorbent, this matting picks up hazardous materials and locks them away so that spills can be contained quickly and disposed of at a later point.

To increase visibility further while managing spills, display one of our floor-standing caution signs.

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Brand SPC

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