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Fluorescent High-Visibility Workers’ Safety Jacket

Help to keep your staff safe when working in hazardous outdoor locations

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From: £2.55 ex. VAT ( £3.06 inc. VAT)

  • High-visibility yellow or orange vests
  • Long-lasting, flexible and comfortable polyester fabric
  • Range of sizes from medium to 4XL

There are many instances in which staff should be wearing high visibility clothing at all times; it can help to keep them safe in various hazardous situations, such as when working in areas of heavy traffic, during work on construction sites and when working in low-visibility weather conditions. There are many types of work where it is actually a requirement by law to wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE), so make sure you are fully prepared to equip your staff with all the appropriate high visibility clothing.

You can help ensure your staff remain properly visible at all times with this fluorescent waistcoat. Available in a choice of two high-impact colours – bright orange and yellow – the waistcoat provides high visibility in all types of outdoor conditions and at any time of day or night. For added visibility, the waistcoats also come with two 50mm waist bands that are reflective when light is shone directly onto them. The safety waistcoats are a firm favourite with workers undertaking all kinds of jobs, due to their comfortable fit, high quality polyester fabric and added warmth in cooler conditions. The PPE jackets also recognise that one size does not fit all; they come in a wide range of sizes – from medium to 4XL. They are also simple to put on and can be adjusted around the waist thanks to a simple front Velcro fastening.

We know how important it is to create a positive external perception of your business, and many responsible companies choose to brand their personal protective equipment and clothing accordingly. Due to this demand, we offer custom branding on these high-vis jackets; you can contact us for further information on how to add your company logo or strapline.

Help to ensure you are always protecting the safety of your staff carrying out potentially hazardous tasks; our range of personal protective equipment is designed to meet the needs of employers from a range of industries.

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Product Description 2 Band High Vis Waistcoat

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Service: As per normal no problems with the order from start to finish.

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Service: No problem from the initial selection of goods required through the order process and delivery. All as expected.

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Service: Good service, orders always arrive quick, normally the next day! Cheap, various choice, would recommend.

Product: Great price, quality as expected

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