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Bold black and yellow high temperature warning signs

Highly visible signage to warn staff and visitors of potential risk from high temperatures


From: £3.50 ex. VAT
From: £3.19 ex. VAT ( £3.82 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to apply signs with self-adhesive vinyl; no fixing required
  • Flexible material is ideal for application on curved surfaces
  • Conforms to health and safety regulations around warning signage

Heat is a considerable risk factor in many workplaces, particularly chemical or factory settings where equipment often generates significant high temperatures. Our high temperate warning signs are an effective way to warn staff and visitors of potential risk from high temperatures.

The hot temperature warning signs, also known as high temperature caution signs and high temperature advisory signs, can be placed in particularly high-risk locations around your workplace. The portrait-oriented rectangular signs come in a universal black and yellow - colours that are synonymous with warning, caution and potential danger – and display the widely-recognised danger symbol.

The caution high temperature tiles are made from a choice of rigid plastic, which is ideal for flat surfaces, or vinyl, which can be fixed onto curved surfaces. It is self-adhesive, which means that it can be easily pressed into place, without the need for fixing or fitting.

Our high temperature caution tiles are made to comply with EU and UK health and safety regulations regarding placing adequate signage around a workplace. We stock a range of signs to warn of a number of hazards: our warning dangerous site signs warn people of potential hazards in a work site, whilst also prohibiting children from playing in the area.

Warning against heat onsite will help prevent injuries such as burns. Our warning very hot water signs provide caution where hot water presents a risk, and are ideal for display by wash basins in toilet and kitchen facilities.

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