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Rust-Resistant, Tamper-Proof Tempered Steel Padlock

A reliable locking solution for securing valuable equipment and buildings


From: £9.99 ex. VAT ( £11.99 inc. VAT)
  • Tempered steel is difficult to cut through
  • Tamper-resistant cylinder to stop picking attempts
  • Protected against rust

Securing goods, machinery and buildings in challenging environments means you need a padlock that's strong, reliable and resistant to weathering and other potentially damaging factors. This extremely durable tempered steel padlock is tough enough that anyone trying to cut through it will have a difficult time, and it's also resistant to rust and corrosion.

The padlock's cylinder resists tampering attempts, keeping it safe and secure. This helps give you peace of mind that when you lock up, it will stay that way.

With different keying options available, this adaptable padlock suits a wide range of applications. To help ensure there are no lost keys, the key can't be removed while the padlock is open, so it's less likely to be forgotten.

If this doesn't quite suit your needs, take a look at our range of security padlocks.

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