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High Noise Levels – Use Ear Protectors' Sign with Large Symbol

Remind people to wear protective equipment in excessively loud areas


From: £3.50 ex. VAT
From: £3.19 ex. VAT ( £3.82 inc. VAT)
  • Large symbol helps get attention
  • Easy to understand, even among non-English speakers
  • Highly durable materials

Where there are particularly high noise levels, anyone in the area needs to wear effective ear protection to prevent damage to their hearing. This sign is a great way to remind people to wear safety equipment and is ideal for displaying at the entrance to areas with loud machinery or other noise hazards.

The sign's message lets people know the reason they should wear ear protection, which helps them to understand the danger. The large symbol included in the design is the universal sign for ear protection, which helps people to understand the message, and increases the visibility and impact of the sign overall.

To maximise information on dangers to hearing, our sound awareness station provides a central point for workers, complete with access to ear plugs.

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