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Bright Yellow Heavy Duty Waterproof Safety Torch

Provides an extra strong light source even in under water environments


£19.99 ex. VAT ( £23.99 inc. VAT)

  • Lightbeam remains upright in water
  • Waterproof, industrial strength polypropylene body
  • High performance bi-convex beamaster lens with 4.8V krypton bulb and 108mm diameter reflector

Make sure poor visibility does not equal danger for you or your staff. Our selection of lanterns and torches are a useful addition to the workplace or home environment and are designed to meet all your lighting needs. This heavy duty safety torch is particularly suited to harsh environments such as underwater locations, workshops, camping sites and in garages.

The bright yellow torch is made from a fully waterproof polypropylene body, with a high-performance bi-convex beamaster lens that can withstand extreme pressure. A 108mm diameter reflector also ensures that the beam from the torch stays upright when being used under water. The torch is fitted with a powerful 4.8 volt krypton bulb, which shines a strong and wide light beam at all times.

Made by trusted brand Unilite, our waterproof safety torch is designed to be a convenient accessory to even the most demanding of tasks. For ease of transportation, it features an easy grip carry handle that is built into its body, as well as a removable wrist strap for added security when using in locations such as underwater.

This tough safety light is also fully impact resistant meaning that it is perfect for jobs on the road or out at sea, where conditions can be unpredictable. The heavy duty torch is also made to be highly visible itself; it comes in a very bright yellow colour that ensures the user can quickly and easily locate it even in conditions of extreme darkness or limited visibility.

We stock a wide range of torches designed for more standard, everyday tasks. Our Maglite torches are firm favourites for all kinds of occasions, and are small enough to carry in your pocket.

Additional Information

Lens Diameter
Material Polypropylene
Material Industrial strength copolymer housing
Product Description Waterproof Safety Torch
Specifications / Characteristics Bi-convex Beamaster lens

4. 8V Krypton bulb

Micro switch operation

Floats upright in water (water and impact-resistant to 1m

Battery not included (1 x 6V PJ996 Lantern battery or 996/4R25 6V)
Supplied in Single
Type Hi-Vis Yellow
Bulb Type 4.8V Krypton
Reflector 108mm Dia.

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2 years ago

Service: A very quick service. I had a prompt response to my email asking for prices and a alternative item was suggested when the one I asked about was discontinued.

Product: Excellent

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